These warm ups are designed especially for the Bansuri in a way that you can play all the notes from high to low. The reason is that in this way you consequently add ONLY ONE THING AT A TIME.
Play long notes, and the first note should be the one where you just blow without closing any hole. Then you close the holes one by one, so you always add just one finger to it. This way it is easiest to figure out the blowing and the finger technique.

The “Basic Warm Up” is for playing only the basic swaras (notes), meaning no half notes on the flute.
The long versions has 4 sections of 16 beats of each note, and the short version has only 2 sections of 16 beats for each note.

In Hindustani System we play then:
Ma (Tivra Ma!)  Ga  Re  Sa  Ni  Dha  Pha  Ma

Or when you think in Western System you can think the notes:
B  A  G  F  E  D  C  B
But these are the correct notes only in case you have an F Bansuri, for all other Flutes music needs to be transposed in order to use the same system.


A Flute


C Flute


E Flute


F Flute



Warm Up Playalongs