This website is different. I am going for an ethnically correct business, not compromising any of my core values and not compromising a holistic awareness. This is quite different from most of all the websites out there!

Here I do not want to research you and track you down as far as possible! I just want to make my offers, then the next step is up to YOU!

This should be a cookie free zone!

Nevertheless, as the modern computer tools are quite complex and you never know exactly what they do under the surface. This is a WordPress website with some plugins running. I always do my best to check that the website is not using any cookies or trackers, though through e.g. automatized updates, it might happen that some developers succeed in placing cookies and trackers. If you find some, please kindly let me know and I will do my best to remove them.

The only data I want from you is
what you will give me willingly and consciously.

When you send a message or sign up for the newsletter, of course, I will get you contact information. But obviously these two functions are for getting in contact … 😉

I will keep your e-mail and IP address only when:

1.) you sign up for the newsletter,
2.) you want to post comments on blog-posts, or
3.) when you get in contact with me via the contact form.

About the newsletter

I use a newsletter plugin that does not involve third party services. The whole newsletter system is hostet via this webpage only, and no third party will get access to your e-mail adress!

About the share buttons

I use the WordPress plugin “Shariff”. This plugin was developed to protect privacy.
Different than most other share buttons, those do not connect to the networks before you click them.

Only after clicking the buttons you will be connected to the third party where you share the content, and the private policy of this third party then applies, independent of my private policy here on “”


Thank you for your attention and all best,