Backing Tracks to support your practice. Please scroll down, there are several sections, and you can play a drone from section 2.) TOGETHER with a rhythm track in section 3.)


1.) Warm Up & Chromatic Trainer for Bansuri

These tracks are for Bansuri in A, F and E (Hindustani System).

Warm Up: play 4 long notes over 4 bars of 4/4 swing each – from the highest note (all holes open) to the lowest (seventh hole closed), no half notes

Chromatic Trainer: wiggle forth and back between the half notes next to each other (4 times each), from the lowest note to the highest, then go chromatic down each note one time
“small range” is from lowest Pa (Hindustani System) to highest Pa
and the following track is in full range from lowest Ma (7th hole closed) to the highest Re (extended range above the higher Pa)

2.) Pick a Drone


3.) Pick a Rhythm Track