This 12min video lesson gives you a brief introduction to the scale of Raag Bhoopali, which is a Pentatonic Scale, the Tintaal, a 16beat cycle (similar to 4x 4/4 bars) and a basic method to practice scales in groups of 4.

Flute: E (standard calibration, A=440Hz)

Table of Content:

00:40 Scale: S R G P D S – 1 2 3 5 6 1
02:35 Scale Exercise in Group of 4
04:32 Introduction to the Tintaal (Tritaal/Teen Tala)
06:50 A Bandish in Tintaal
07:50 Exercise: Group of 4 in Tintaal


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VIDEO LESSON: Raag Bhoopali & The Tintaal (Raga Bhupali/Teen Tala)