Here is a list of very useful software tools that I use.  You can browse for them at the PlayStore (Android) or the AppStore (Apple):

  • Audipo
    An audio-player with speed and pitch change funktions. Also you can set bookmarks within every audio track.
    Also can load the audio of video files!
  • Bheema Tanpura
    One of the few fine-tunable tanpura apps. Sound is very professional, like a real tanpura.
  • TaalMala
    One of the most sophisticated apps for Indian Classical Music. Huge library for all the taals and more.
  • iReal Pro
    For Jazz and other Western Music. Creates playalongs for whatever tune or chord progression you enter. Sounds like a real band … actually scary … Do not replace your REAL band with this …!
  • Metronome Beats
    Metronome, highly configurable but still easy to use.
  • Metronomerous
    Metronome, even more configurable, but not too easy to use.
  • Instrument Tuner
    A tuner, configurable in many ways


Useful Softwaretools