Here a short “Follow Me” in A (23 cents lower than standard calibration), where I use the 22 shruti tuning.
The last minutes in the video is a tanpura sound only for you to experiment. The Raag is Bhoopali (Bhupali).

More about the 22 shruti you can find under the video (please scroll down!).

22 Shruti Tuning

The Indian Classical Music, both the traditions from the North (Hindustani) and the South (Carnatic) originally use a different tuning system with 22 notes to be distinguished within one octave. For those who want to know more about the details and the mathematical rules behind it, please check out the documentary published by Dr. Shangeeta Shankar and Dr. Okye by following this link.

Private Bansuri Lessons online

If you are looking for private online lessons to learn Bansuri, please check it out … here.



Raag Bhoopali (Bhupali) in A (434Hz) and 22 shruti tuning